Dunottar castle...before the stroke

Dunottar castle is a place near Stonehaven in Scotland. It's famous because Mel Gibson went there to do some scenes from his film "Hamlet".. He was the biggest movie star in the world at the time. I think about Dunottar when i need some inspiration or when i need something positive to hold on to when i'm getting stressed out In my lfe (more often than you think).
My brother, Steve invited me up to Stonehaven to spend a week with him and his wife and three kids at his house. It was Dunottar castle though that really captured my imagination during my stay with Steve and i spent as much time up there as i could.

It's not really a place you can go to with a wheelchair. The mood up there (with the sea so close) is amazing to witness. I was there by myself which i really enjoyed. It's something about Scotland i'll always remember. I don't worship the sun and the beach that goes with it. I was quite content taking photographs of the castle. This was years before the digital camera was invented.

I had never seen anything like Dunottar castle before. I'm glad that i didn't miss the opportunity this time to see it because i never went back to Scotland again. I didn't know that at the time. Getting to see somewhere that was so desolate and so awe-inspiring was marvellous for me. I'm sure there were others, who came before me, who were enraptured, like me by, what they saw before them. Scotland is very different to England and Wales. England has the lake district and Wales has Snowdonia. Even then, in Scotland, you were allowed to drink all day if you wanted to.

When i got back home to England i couldn't wait to see the photographs. They were taken in a panorama effect. They looked great when they arrived. To think that the great Mel Gibson had been privy to all of this had the 'wow' effect. I feel sorry for those who never have, and who never ┼Áill, see such a sight as Dunottar castle. Even Hollywood came knocking to see it.

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