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When you’re disabled you go on an incredible journey. You become more resilient than you already are. Don’t ever be surprised by anything that happens to you. When life gets as bad as it can possibly be, there are a couple of surprises that are waiting for you. Things happen for a reason. It isn’t always clear what that is. You won’t be disappointed though. It just takes belief in what it is that you want.

Although it may be tough now, it won’t always be like this. You just have to hang on. I’m not a believer in many things but I believe in this.  I don’t worship God but at the same time I can’t completely rule Him out because a lot of people believe in things that I know nothing about.

When I was ‘normal’ I wish i’d learnt to study faiths because there are so many. Some of them have to be meaningful. Christianity leaves more questions than answers. Could Christ really walk on water?  I have trouble in believing that he could. A lot of other things, such as values within the Christia…

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