What can possibly go wrong?

I think i have munchenhausen’s syndrome.it certainly feels like it to me. I spent some time reading up about it. I have a serious brain injury and even though a situation seems real it is not, I can say, for once in my life, that i’m glad to be a nut job. I’m sorry if you were misled in any way. I can assure you that that wasn’t the intention. I blame it on the brain injury i have.

The nightmare that i liken my life to carries on. I think it will be derailed at some point.
i had something important to say to the guy who was helping me and he said ‘eh?’ I repeated myself and he still said ‘eh?’ so i raised my voice and he said ‘there’s no need to shout’. Then he got someone else. Then someone else. I said ‘The bag isn’t draining properly.’ I still don’t kxow if is so i cough out as loud as i can. The trouble is that they have a vacuum cleaner right outside the door and can’t hear me. I’m going to die! I tell you.


  1. Oh Terry. I do hope you find someone who will listen to you, and some help.

  2. Terry, are you not using your key board communicating machine to express your thoughts? I'm sorry that you are having such a difficult time of it. I hope that you will be given the change that you need and someone who can understand what you say. It must be so frustrating for you.
    Hugs, Julia


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