Time moves so quickly...

It's nearly five years now since i entered this world of disability. It's a world that, like it or not, i've had to grow used to. I remember how different it was when i was just a small kid though. In 1971 Elvis ruled the world. There was an English group called 'The Beatles' who had become famous, then split up. It would be several years before i liked them, anyway. I liked 'The Beach Boys', an amazing American group, more. I also remember doing things a disabled person could never do. Like climb the stairs. I didn't envy a kid who had a disabilty back then. It is so hard now, so imagine what it was must've been like in those days. Anyway, the years rolled on and i grew up. The black, leather jacket that i'd brought from a catalogue was a little worse for wear and Burt Reynolds was probably the most famous man of the 1970s.

Nothing was digital in the 1970s. Everything was very basic. It isn't basic nowadays and that's a shame in some ways. The trouble is that you can't halt progress. There are inventions that we'll see in the future that will amaze us, i bet. It's almost inevitable that the world will change for the better. We just don't know. There are exciting times ahead. I may even be using a voicebox if my speech gets much worse than it is.

Already in big shops, like Tesco, there have been big changes in the way that people pay for goods. These changes wouldn't have been available in the 1970s.
One big change that will come will be the passing of the Queen. She's in her 90s now. It could happen next week, it could happen next year. Despite what most people want, Prince Charles wiil become King. People power won't count for anything. They can shout as loud as they want to but they won't change anything. It's the same as when Donald Trump won the general election in America and when Britain voted to leave the EU.

Time changes everything. We can't do anything to stop it. Things that we thought would last forever don't. When John Lennon died in 1980 he killed off a lot of people's dreams. He could so easily have become the 'used to be' man. Paul McCartney has become one instead. McCartney lives off the memories of when he was in his 20s. It sounds like it too. The world has a new order, especially if you're an 11 year-old as i was back in 1971.

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