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Things that really piss me off....

Being disabled as i am, i constantly find that there are MANY things which piss me off. Please feel free to tell me if you agree with me or not. You may have some better examples that we should hear about. Don't worry if you can't think of any right now. When people say "no worries" in a desperate bid to sound trendy i hold my face in my hands. Most of the time when they use that phrase they're on the telephone (which is where they should be) i'd be far too embarrassed to talk like that. Another phrase which is used and is very embarrassing to hear is “say again". Erm, excuse me? Don't you mean "pardon?". You sound as if you're Del-boy Trotter acting like a right old plonker if you use that way of talking. Really!

I hate it when they call me “mate”, too. In fact, calling anybody “mate” (and they do) is so wrong in this day and age.
You ask a carer if the builders can stop making their noise and he turns around sharply and says “no Terry. They’ve got a job to do.” “but we’ve got lunch to eat. So have they.”In other words it’s “shup up Stynes, you’re whingeing. You’re disabled so you don’t count.” I hate it when you hear that kind of attitude.
Being woken up with someone shouting “heyy” at three o’Clock in the morning is something i complain about all too frequently now. My complaints go in one ear and out the other. All the time.

Mostly, it’s to do with the words they use and the way they use them.
Then there’s the time they vaccuum outside my front door when i’m trying to read. It’s always kept open to allow me to get in and out but they never do anything about the noise. I have to stop what i’m doing.
It sounds like i’m moaning too much but that isn’t the case. I just get on doing what i have to do.


  1. It's aggravating not to be able to control one's environment. It seems like it should be such a little thing but taken every hour of every day it is like the drip-drip of water torture. Earplugs, maybe?

  2. It IS a torture. The best way to explain it is if I let a bomb off in your house at 4am. Would you like it? I must admit I would. 😼

  3. The thing that irritated me most was when people spoke slowly, loudly and used little words to me. Not to me - at me.
    I haven't experienced that one in a while, but just the memory sends my blood pressure skyrocketing.

  4. I can imagine that would be irritating about the vacuum. My list is much too long to list. (lol) Hugs...RO

  5. A noisy environment can drive you nuts. Too bad we don't have a remote control that silences...well, people :)

  6. How are we today, Treey mate? going good are we?

  7. Don't blame you for the complaint about the hammering at lunch. If you have a certain time that the meal is served, the contractors should take a break then too so everyone can enjoy their meal.

  8. It bothers me when people say "No Problem" instead of "You're Welcome."


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