Donald Trump

if there's one thing I can't stand at the moment it's American politics.
Donald Trump won the election fair and square, but his Presidency is being disputed by an angry mob  who believe if they shout loud enough they will get their own way. Has no-one told them it doesn't work like that? If you want to live in a democracy you have to accept the decision of the people who voted. If the people of America stood united with the winner there's so much more they could achieve than if they were standing divided.

Trump has had a great start to his Presidency and has done so much. He's not a politician and that's a good thing. Politicians have had their go and left America wishing they hadn't bothered with them. For so long now he's been on the outside looking in. Now he's taken charge and doing what he said he would do to make America great again. The mob who oppose him are just bigots who want him to fail. Madonna is one such person. She's obviously got a few records to sell.

Personally, I don't get involved with American politics and it's easy to see why. There's too much hate and bitterness for my liking. Donald Trump isn't exactly politically correct in his approach and he's made enemies with the many Americans who are. People who put political correctness above everything else expect everybody to be like them and it doesn't work. America is the most politicaly correct country on the planet. They really need to toughen up and realise how hard it is out there.

Whether you like him or not, Donald Trump will fight tooth and nail to make sure America always gets the best deal on the table. He doesn't need to work again, but he does. He's proud to be an American and slowly, but surely he is gaining the trust of most Americans and making them a strong nation again. Politicians as inspiational leaders? Repeat after me (to see that they're not) Tony Blair.


  1. OOO so glad to see you....i lost you and asked around Blogland what happened to Terry's blog and no one knew. Then, She who Seeks blog let me know you are back. So glad...and so glad to know you support the POTUS...I do, too, and I think he is doing a hell of a good job.

  2. Thanks bj, it's good to see you too. Trump is a great leader.i only wish we had somebody like him in this country.

  3. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog to let me know you're okay, Terry. I answered over there but thought I'd better leave a comment here too. Glad you're back to blogging. I think the issue of President Trump depends very much on what you see as being the role of government. Conservative governments (including Trump) tend to be hard for the poor, elderly and ill, and good for the rich, many of whom have not earned their money but inherited it. That part worries me. There, that's my two cents' worth :)

  4. Wow. So well said! I've been on the Trump-Train since day one. My grown 30-something kids are so against our present administration. I wish I could get them to understand that all three of them live in the absolute worst liberal states (Illinois, New Mexico, and California) and all they hear and see locally is a terribly skewed version of life. So sick of CNN, NBC et al. Thanks for seeing what a third of our own people don't see.

  5. Thanks. Trump will do his best to make America great again. I have every confidence in the man. I like his approach. Obama failed, but Trump won't.

  6. Sorry, but as an American who saw Eisenhower as president when I was born...Donald Trump is mentally unfit to be president and he has made America worse than it has ever been so far. He hasn't a clue about these bills he signs nor their repercussions. He doesn't even have a clue as to how our government works or what the constitution states. He gets his information from the tabloid news and doesn't read.....really? I'm sure his father paid for his degree because the man doesn't have the sense to come in out of the rain! If he had been given a psychological test he would have failed miserably, if they had looked into his past business deals and finances with Russia he would have never made it in and on top of that he is a racist and a mysogynist and I am extremely embarrassed that he is our president.

  7. Well said, Treey. I agree with what you've expressed here. I was, and still am, sick of all the sore losers....they're doing more damage...and are too blinkered to realise it!

    Sorry I'm late in commenting on this post.


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