Silence should be a golden thing

So much of my time is spent on my own. I've gotten used to it so it doesn't really bother me that much. It's a way.of living that i feel i've adapted to. Having to listen to music that i haven't put on is not really my thing and i tend to avoid it as much as i can. Why people have to have noise on at all mystifies me. It's far better to be lost with your own thoughts than have your mind invaded with rubbish. It's the only criticism i have of the home. They haven't got anywhere you could call a 'quiet' room. There is noise everywhere. It's noise pollution. People listen to music all day. When they're not doing that the noise they make is smoking-related. They cough their guts up. As if we want to hear that!

Life is much better when you put away your fags and leave your coffee alone Forget about being addicted to noise and other stuff. Do something more constructive with your life. I'm probably whistling in the wind here by saying it and i realise that not everyone has the willpower you need to change the habits of a lifetime. That's what it boils down to really - willpower. You've either got it or you haven't.
Spending time on my own isn't something i've chosen to do. Far from it. It's something i've been forced to do. I remember, as a kid, saving a £50 week until i got to £1000. It was a long, hard struggle, but i did it because i was so determined to do it.

i still think about that now. When i was in Leamington i spent hours in the same seat without complaining. It shows you can get by when you really need to. I regularly used to bike to Frolesworth and back home (a distance of 15 miles) and think nothing of it. Making things hard for myself meant that a normal day was a stroll in the park.

willpower is a wonderful thing. So is determination to do something. Playing a song too loud is not really on in case you disturb others (me).
Some people ar just born lazy and that's just how the cookie crumbles.


  1. I prefer the quiet to anything else. It used to bother me when I lived at home and my father had the radio or TV on all the time he was in the house!

    It sounds like you have tremendous willpower. That is in your favour.

  2. I wouldn't say I have tremendous willpower..

  3. Silence is a close friend of mine. When my partner is at home (and up) the television is always on. Which does my head in.
    I cherish my early morning quiet time.
    Congratulations on your determination.

  4. The television being on all the time would drive me nuts.
    My next-door neighbour has it on so loud too.

  5. Normally I like peace and quiet but as I write this comment I'm listening to live music from Glastonbury - someone called Father John Misty. He's very good.

    When my mother was in a residential home it was as if the staff used blaring television sets to crush the residents' willpower. Mostly they ignored whatever was on.

    1. Yeah, it sucks when you're trying to read a book.
      There are moments, like tonight for instance, when I tuned in to see Katy Perry.

  6. I really enjoy the quiet and there are times that it's absolutely necessary to my emotional and mental health.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly with that statement.


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