Being disabled (like i am) means you get treated with no respect by people who don't understand how insignificant they make you feel. It's the worse feeling you can have as a human being. You're not really a human being at all. Having your rights taken away is something else that annoys you too. Why are they taken away? Who helps us when this happens? It's a very difficult situation when it happens and very often you have to get legal representation to stop it happening at all.

It does happen though. When you're disabled it's very easy to become a victim. We need our rights. Please make it an offence to deny them to us.


  1. It does indeed happen. Even when the law (such as it is) says that it shouldn't.
    I do hope you can find resolution. Are there any advocacy groups who could help you?

  2. Denying us our rights, no matter what for, reminds me of The Bodysnatchers. I'll tell my wife what is happening. They make all out that I have no mental capacity. There is nothing wrong with that. I just can't talk. That is all. Why take my rights away because of that?

  3. You are helping me to better appreciate the trials and tribulations of disabled people - especially stroke victims. It is bad enough to have become a stroke victim but to be treated like a second class citizen just piles horror upon horrors. You need your dignity as much as the trees need sunlight.

  4. Yes, you absolutely need your rights! It's horrifying what individuals with challenges go through.


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