Dols is such a waste of time

It looks as though i'm going to have to use the law to overturn dols' damning assessment of me. I'm definitely going to appeal against them and what they had to say about me, as is my right.
dols (deprivation of liberty) are supposed to be there to protect MY rights so what happened to make them take the opposite route is something i'm not quite sure about. I just know that i'm not going to stand by and let them say what they want (which they have done) about me. The least i expect is a truthful account and one which isn't biased against me.

i've never really been happy with dols and have often wondered what planet they were living on.
i just have to wait for the courts to decide now. I'm hoping that they believe me. The whole point in having dols is to prevent the patient (me) from being discriminated against. It's hard enough being disabled and you really need support, someone who is there to make sur the right decision is reached.

it might take a few months to get there, but i feel i will get the voice i need at last. My mental capacity is good. My ability to make key decisions is sound. It's right that they don't take away my rights. Everybody else has them. Why shouldn't i? As far as i'm concerned the decision to ban me from eating toast (i'd been eating it for 3 years) was the clincher.

I wasn't happy with the ban that stopped me riding my electric chair outdoors which way was over the top too. I made a mistake and one that was to run indefinitely and one that i could not appeal against.
They punished me. We all make mistakes, but we don't expect to get punished for them. Travelling in another chair (which they expected me to) was so uncomfortable and made me miss many appointments that i wanted to attend.


  1. I hope you get the voice you need, and find a way to resolve these problems. In the meantime, maybe try to keep your mind off it. I think I remember you said you like to read? Get a big pile of books and read to your heart's content! That's my solution for many things that trouble me. Maybe it will help you too.

  2. I DO read, but I'm made to feel like a troublemaker when I ask about my rights. It's only my body that doesn't work. My mind is okay. But there are lots of times we get overlooked because we're disabled. It's not fair sometimes. My senses don't get the stimulation I crave for, but they should. Perhaps, the only benefit I get is that it doesn't take me weeks to read a book. It takes me days. I have the time to do it.

  3. Good luck. I really hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  4. I do hope everything turns out well for you. Everything deserves respect and the right to be happy.

  5. The sooner they realise that decisions don't need to be made for me the better.

  6. Treey, I'm really new to your blog and so I am reading backwards to discover your whole story. I've noticed you use both Treey and Terry. Which do you prefer?

    1. I don't mind. The photographer who did my wedding album called me Treey because he couldn't spell the name Terry.


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