Are SALT as bad as the Gestapo? Mmm....that's a tough one.

I'm not saying SALT are as bad as the Gestapo, but they come pretty close to it. When you're disabled they make your life hell. You'll wish you'd never been born. That's my experience of dealing with them.
You may say that's a bit harsh, but i've cried at the ridiculous decisions they make about me. They've ruined my life. They banned toast (never mind that i'd been eating it for three years) I've never been a prisoner of war and had the Gestapo breathing down my neck, but i would imagine that the similarities are there: they both worship the same leader and talk the same language.

Take my word for it: they are not nice people. They watch 'The Caine Mutiny' and think Humphrey Bogart is a god when he uses the marbles to find out where the strawberries are.. Why SALT (speech and language therapy) decide what you have to eat is a mystery to me.. it'll al become clear to you if you become disabled. I hope you don't. Getting stressed by them is the last thing you want.


  1. Here where I live, I believe speech therapists are also trained to test people for ability to eat safely. My father was given tests at various times where they got him to try different foods (liquids, soft solids, hard solids) and then prescribed his diet based on that to try to reduce his chance of choking or breathing in food that would lead to aspiration pneumonia. He was re-assessed as needed, because when he had the stroke and when he was sick it weakened his ability to swallow, but when he got over being sick, he got a bit stronger again. Will the SALT re-assess you at some point? It's hard when we lose more and more liberties and rights. It's more likely to be them trying to keep you from choking than being miserable gits, although it's possible to get therapists who are miserable gits too!

  2. I've never really struggled with eating. I know what I can eat and what I can't. Crisps and boiled sweets I leave alone. Ice cream too. As far as I'm concerned the real problem has been the lack of communicatin.If I'd known about it I'd have left alone the glass of wine when I got married. Instead, I was treated like a kid and left in the dark. Being treated like a kid has been the most disappointing aspect of it all. I expected better than that. But, it's been an experience whichever way you look at it. Not always a good experience either.

    1. Yes, nobody should be treated like a child, no matter what. Never.

    2. I get treated as if my opinion doesn't count. As if they are the only ones that mean anything. It's an argument I've had for several years now.


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