I don't know what it is about the Americans. it happens quite a lot in this country (Britain) too. Attitudes really need to change. Donald Trump is trying to make America great again. But, despite promising to smash IS into oblivion, he is stopped from doing it and i wonder why. Let's face it: Trump isn't a 'politician', That's a quality we should admire about the man. It's because of politicians that we have gotten into the mess we now find ourselves in. Incompetent leaders such as Barack Obama, in America, or Tony Blair, in Britain, (he was lambasted by an iquiry for his involvement in the Iraq war) and the way in Britain that MPs were shamed so publically by the Daily Telegraph meant that politicians were people you just couldn't trust.

It makes me laugh in dismay when an American couple, after hearing that Trump won the presidency, made the decision that moving to Canada would be the best option for them. Why? There's nothing wrong with Canada. When i hear Donald Trump compared to Adolf Hitler i am shocked. Nobody has died with Trump in charge, yet millions of Jews died thanks to Hitler. How on earth can you compare the two?

You can't compare them.. But some people do.
i try not to get involved with politics, but some people are just so wrong with what they say. Maybe i
i am wrong. Who knows?
Here in Britain we have an ex-Prime Minister who was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians. He can be compared to Hitler, but NOT Donald Trump. Trump must be judged by what he does, not by what people think of him.

in some ways i feel sorry for Donald Trump. He has so much negativity surrounding him. Everything he says and everything he does gets scrutinised. He gets Madonna breathing down his neck. That wouldn't have been such a bad thing 25 years ago when you were single, but come on luv i'm married.

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