Home is where the heart is....

When i first arrived at CERU i was fed by wire. When i left i was actually eating. These days i wish i was drip fed again because having to eat the same food day after day isn’t much fun. The hospital at Leamington Spa became my home from home for the whole nine whole months that i was there for. That’s a long time. The day i left there is a day i felt unbelievably sad. The nurses were my family. They were all i’d known for nine months of my life. I had visits from my real family, but the nurses were my adopted family.

Returning to Hinckley was a real culture shock for me. It was a real dump of a place to live. Why on earth did we live here? I began to question my ability as a parent. When we were last here i could walk and talk. People began to look and stare at me. Hinckley had changed so much in the nine months that i had been away. Coming from a place where everybody understood what you said to a place where nobody did, made you question your very existance.

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