When you thought you’d done enough...

This is a picture of Tyson Fury. Like me, he suffers from mental health problems. Getting himself fit for this fight has been all he needed to stop wanting to kill himself. Only people who have mental health issues will know what that feels like. Mental Health can make you act rather odd at times, and you don’t always care what anyone thinks of you when that happens.

When it first happened to me i didn’t know what was wrong. I didn’t know what it was called and i thought i was the only only one who had it. I don’t know how many people have it but it’s a lot. Fury was denied the comeback of all-time when the judges for his fight ruled that it was a draw. It was a very controversial points decision and is probably the reason why most fighters don’t like to fight in the United States.

Fury’s story is quite remarkable. He lost 10 stone to get himself fit to face the WBC champion, Deontay Wilder. If he can do it, it can be done, is the positive message it sends out.

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